P uddin
A rtistic
S culptor
S nowboarder
I nnovator
O rganizer
N ative
A lleygirl
T heatrical
E xperHAIRmental

Puddin What kind of puddin inda mix, you ask? Butterscotch, of course, sweet & tan, jes like me!

Artistic I have an passion for everything you can touch, see, hear or feel and love to have fun.

Sculptor I call myself a hair sculptor, creating artistic designs with hair flair! See what people have to say about me on citysearch.com

nowboarder I ride the greater north Lake Tahoe area. I like to ride in the park, on the small rails, over the picnic table, and then go as fast as I can back down to the lift.

Innovator "I love to create. I love to be creative. I love new things. I love to change things. I love to make things happen. And I love to have FUN!"

rganizer I'm a planner, an organizer, and love to party. After finding the underground electronic music scene back in '91, I've thrown hundreds of warehouse parties & campouts from 15 to 1500 people. You can find me after hours setting up for a party or on the dance floor shakin my booty to house, funk or hip hop.

Native I'm locally homegrown in the Bay Area.

Alleygirl What kind of alley? A bowling alley of course! I love to bowl. I suck at it and can rarely break 100 but have fun throwing down with the Serotonin Rollers.

Theatrical My fashion passion lies in wearable art, not Vogue. I like to sew with faux fur and chain. I work primarily with the Cloud Factory Design Collective which began in '97. The shows we produce are far from straight runway fashion... we create theatrical. I've been involved at all levels including production, designer, hair stylist and promoter. It's all creative and FUN!

ExperHAIRmental I believe creativity is a must in this industry. I'm kinna like McGuyver and love to find ways to make things work. I do the same with hair. I've invented new cutting techniques creating texture and style .


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